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The initiative of OECD about developing regions and cities in the world with mining and extraction industries started and encourages international cooperation among mining stakeholders, including the regions in NSPA. OECD want to see regions exchange knowledge among each other in the mining and extraction industry and develop recommendations with regional development strategies.

Together with the initiative comes an yearly event with the goal to bring together a broad range of stakeholders. We will have discussions on the OECD-report and the Arctic Stakeholder Forum, as well as the new Arctic Investment Platform — how can the regions best contribute in the establishment of the fund?

We will also touch upon the labour market and competence development in the NSPA — can Interreg be part of the solution? The forum will contribute to possible solutions to some of the challenges our regions face, as well as being updated on the important discussions and decisions taking place in the EU this year.

Register before the 29 of April! The Arctic seminar took place at Scotland House the 9th of October during the European Week of Regions and Cities and focused on smart specialization, innovation and capacity building and attracted a big group of participants representing a wide geographical and institutional coverage. The seminar was followed by the Arctic Award prize ceremony for the best Arctic cooperation projects High level speakers put the report in a larger perspective and regional representatives discussed future priorities for the NSPA.

The Arctic Innovation Camp November will gather approximately 60 people from around Europe from a diversity of ages, disciplines, backgrounds and cultures to co-create and support the development of the entrepreneurial and civic spirit in Northern and other parts of Europe.

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The NSPA network hosted a workshop that aimed to discuss the potential for the sustainable innovation in less-urban areas in the north of Europe. The NSPA network hosted a networking event consisted of a short seminar that aimed at discussing the Growth from the North report in the context of the Northern Sparsely Populated Areas. The NSPA-led consortium met for a second time to discuss smart initiatives as well as common challenges related to smart cities in sparsely populated areas in Brussels on 16th and 17th September.

The seminar was held in the European Parliament. Politicians and other actors from the northern regions of Sweden, Finland and Norway got together to discuss Arctic issues. During the event important interest promotion issues and EU-policies concerning the northern areas were discussed and presentations on various themes were given by the network's four EU offices. Registration is now available. Notes from the workshops are now available and will be used as a basis for strategic discussions on the ongoing and future activities of the NSPA network. The focus of the discussions were on the future of the NSPA network, how and by what measures can the NSPA network take the next step in its cooperation?

The event attracted around 90 participants. Around 70 participants joined the discussions on future priorities and smart specialisation in our northern sparsely populated areas at the NSPA Forum in sunny Oulu on the of May. Amongst the participants were representatives from the European Commission, the Finnish Parliament and from local and regional stakeholders in the NSPA. Invitation and registration is now available. Invitation and program is now available.

Invited speakers discussed the role of territorial cooperation and the importance of smart specialization to realize regional development potential. Participants also had the chance to hear about lessons learned from the NSPA experience and good examples from regions with different specificities. Invited speakers will discuss the role of territorial cooperation and the importance of smart specialisation to realise regional development potential.

Looking at what lessons that can be learnt from the NSPA experience this seminar aims to provide good examples for other European regions with different specificities. Focusing on regional east-west cross border cooperation in the northernmost part of Europe, one of the conclusions of the seminar debate was the crucial importance of working across borders in the High North. The seminar will focus on the role of NSPA in regional east-west cross-border cooperation and its contribution to create added value for the whole of Europe.

We are pleased to welcome you to a breakfast in the European Parliament highlighting the potential and obstacles faced by the Northern Sparsely POpulated Areas. The NSPA Forum in Sundsvall gathered around 60 participants to discuss the future cohesion policy and to adopt the NSPA position paper on the legislative package of cohesion policy On the 24th of April the NSPA and the Bothnian Corridor Group are arranging a seminar in the European Parliament on the increasing importance of the supply of raw materials and transport from the high north for the sustainable growth of the European economy.

The Sundsvall forum will focus on the thematic concentration of the next EU funding period and the opportunities that it brings to the Northern Sparsely Populated Areas.

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On the 8th December, the NSPA network met with director general Dirk Ahner, European Commission, to discuss and clarify what the proposals of the regulations on cohesion policy post signifies for our regions. The NSPA seminar focused on demographic change from a young perspective and three young politicians from the three countries of the NSPA gave their view on the topic.

The short seminar will focus on the demographic change and how the NSPA regions can attract more young people. After the seminar a networking reception will follow. Today political representatives from the Northern Sparsely Populated Areas in Finland, Sweden and Norway met with the European Commission to highlight the importance of continued investment in the regions. We hope you would like to participate in our event and learn more how the experience and resources from the North can contribute to a prosperous and sustainable Europe.

This first ever forum for the NSPA region aims to agree a joint political position for the NSPA-region concerning the future cohesion policy for onwards. The two seminars organised by the NSPA at Open days both had a good turnout and made way for many discussions and networking opportunities. See the event report and presentations. The dialogue continues in the region to create a joint position using the report as a basis. Registration is now open for the Open Days workshops. The component series for each country are selected based on various criteria such as economic significance; cyclical behaviour; data quality; timeliness and availability.

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